Welcome to my website. This aims to show you the nature and breadth of my work. My interest is across the whole spectrum of metalwork; from one-off site specific projects within the field of architecture, sculpture as public art or for the garden, to small objects for the home such as a hat and coat stand, music stand, fruit dish, or silverware for the meal table.

My work is innovative and original. It challenges conventional thought and often uses a combination of materials to achieve a concept. Ideas and process combine to explore and develop an idea to its ultimate.

I welcome enquiries from institutions, architects and from private sources. Whether the project is large or small, for me the enjoyment is creating work for a need, whether purely visual or practical.


Selection of Past Projects

2010 Three Pairs of Gates  Anglesey Abbey Gardens, Cambridge.  National Trust.

2009 Entrance & Side Gates  Maryhill Burgh Halls, Glasgow

2008 ‘Cirrus’    Series of interactive sculpture with nature.  Art de Jardin, Rutland.

2007 ‘Good vibrations’   Garden sculpture.  Stainless steel.   Braunschweig.  N.Germany.

2006 ’Divergence’  Aberdeen Art Gallery with glass artists Sandstrom & Kaplan.

New Entrance Gates.  Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, Glasgow.  Stainless steel.

Pair of Central Hand Rails for stair ways  .  Kelvingrove Art Gallery& Museum.

‘A Drink with a Friend’  Beakers with carafe and tray for Ian Rankin, author.

2005 ‘Acceleration’  Pair of Decorative Screens.  Old Town Hall Square, Gateshead.

Series of Benches and Litter Bins. Old Town Hall Square. Gateshead.

‘Counterpoise’ Outdoor sculpture for International Business School, Gateshead.

2004 Entrance Screens and Gates.   Museum of Liverpool.  With glass artist Keiko Mukaide.

2003 Sculpture.   Ardtornish Estate, Morven, W. Scotland.

Pair of Communion Cups and Alms Dish. Cardross Parish Church. Silver & bronze.

2002 Gates and Pergola.  Private Residence, London.

Bannister & Hand Rail. Private residence, Glasgow.  Mild steel with stainless steel.

2001 External Entrance Screen. 20-21 Arts Centre, Scunthorpe,

2000 Holocaust Memorial Arch, Hendon Park, London.

1999 Text to building frontage.  112 Canongate, Edinburgh.

1998 Sculptural Seating Units, ’Benchmark’, Norrie Miller Park, Perth

Series of Nine Uplighters: New Restaurant. Geffrye Museum, London

Three Standing Candelabra.   BT Scottish Ensemble.

1997 Processional Cross, Candlesticks & Tabernacle.  Scotus College Glasgow.

Vehicular Signs for Chequer Sq.. Bury St Edmunds. Ministry of Transport.

Entrance Gate and Roof Sculpture. Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts.

1996 Three Entrance Screens.  Customs House., Irvine, Ayrshire.

Main Gate, Railings, Banner Post, Sign.. Usher Gallery, Lincoln.

1995 Internal Double Doors. Royal Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh.

1994 Five Seating Units for Cycle Path.. East-west cycle path, W. Cumbria.  Sustrans.

1993 Gallery Sign.   The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh. 

1990 Sliding Screens for Main Entrance. Borders Regional Council, Newton St Boswells.

Pair of Screens and Gates. Scottish Metropolitan Properties, Queen Street, Glasgow.

1982 Presentation Letter Opener. Lord Forte.

1981 Chalice and Ciborium. To commemmorate Pope John Paul II visit to Glasgow.

1979 Presentation Plate.  Royal College of Psychiatrists, London.

1978 Font.   Church of Scotland, Glasgow.